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Indian Railways

Drawn by Dhruva, STD V.

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The Diary of a Free Caged Bird: 2

I am back and I want to talk about my experience watching my favourite actor, Sivakarthikeyan’s movies and also about him.

Sivakarthikeyan is a Tamil actor. He is a recent actor. In just four years he has acted in ten movies. In his first movie, he was a comedian. I liked his comedy but not the story of the film. It’s okay, it was his first experience acting in a movie. But, to my and everyone’s surprise, his other nine movies in which he was the main hero were all 100 day blockbuster movies.

After watching his movies, I would come out with tears on my cheeks, one, because of the emotional scenes, and two, because of laughing at his comedies. His movies were balanced with the right amount of comedy, romance, songs, emotions and morals which made his movies hit 100 days.

One of my favourite movies of his is called Kaaki Sattai. This movie is all about being a sincere police officer.

His movies are;

  1. – All about love. He is just a comedian.
  2. Marina – About love.
  3. Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga – About friendship and a father’s love.
  4. Ethir Neechal – About sports.
  5. Maan Karate – About boxing.
  6. Hanah Kotti Paravai – About love.
  7. Rajini Murugan – About friendship and a grandfather’s love.
  8. Remo – All about love.
  9. Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam – All about love.

  10. Kaaki Sattai – About the police.

I think all his movies mentioned above talk about morals for life and I think the life led by people in his movies are in some way or the other related to me. Most of you don’t know him for he is a recent actor but soon you see he will be a superstar for life.

More than his films’ stories, I like his character. He doesn’t live a very rich life but he is just like one of us. When he sends any tweets, there are always two main words: ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’.

I think you know about Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who passed away recently. When he went for her funeral, he entered from the side of the people. But on the other hand, there was another actor who stood in front of Jayalalitha’s dead body and started blessing people. But Sivakarthikeyan is not someone who blesses people but someone who is blessed by the people.

I wish I could meet him at least once in my life!

See you soon my brothers, sisters and friends!

Written by S. 

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The Diary of a Free Caged Bird

I am S. I am writing about my own experience of women’s problems. One of the many problems that women face is gender discrimination.

I have heard people say that girls are always gentle. But it is not true. For example, me. I am not gentle to people who are not gentle with me. I am also aggressive.

People say that girls must be decent. They must not wear western clothes, they must not be alone, they must have a man’s protection. Why only a man’s protection and not a woman’s? Are only men strong and not women? My parents always say that I must do all the work at home and not their son. I don’t know why. They know that boys and girls are equal, but why do they discourage me? I feel caged when I don’t get to do what I want.

I love playing games, but the friends I have are girls who go with society. They don’t question anything. I love playing games with my friends like D and B who are boys who play games. I don’t even get to use my father’s mobile phone. He lends it only to his son and not to me.

When I win something, they don’t encourage but discourage. But to their son, they encourage him even when he is foolish. When I have many hidden talents, I show it only in my school and not anywhere else. I show all my talents only to my teachers and friends. I get encouraged only by my teachers and friends.

My parents don’t listen to me but only to their son. They don’t encourage me but only their son. They feel proud about their son and not about me. I feel so upset when there are only fifty people to support me and five thousand to support my parents’ son.

I feel jealousy only about the love my parents show their son. I feel that I also need a part in it. I will try to change the way my parents feel about GIRLS.

Written by a girl student of our school. 

(This post is anonymous to protect the privacy of the student)



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My Dream World

If I wanted a dream world, I would wish it was made up of only chocolate.

  Oceans of melted chocolate and waterfalls of ice-cream.

A world with buildings made up of chocolate bars.

That planet would have the floor made of chocolate cream.

The clouds would be made up of marshmallows.

Written by Srihith, STD VI. 

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My Pet Cat

During the Dusshera holidays, I went to my grandmother’s house. There my grandmother had a pet. It was a cat. I love cats. When I gave it milk to drink it drank. But when I gave it biscuits to eat it did not eat.

When the cat was drinking, my sister was laughing because she also loves cats. When the cat drinks milk, it closes its eyes. This made my sister amused. The cat had four kittens. My sister loved to play with the kittens.

Written by Akshara, STD II. 

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Busy Bees

Bees are busy,

They are never lazy.

Together they all survive,

In a lovely beehive.

They fly from flower to flower,

To gather nectar.

They make honey, sweet,

Which is a delicious treat!

Written by Mohith, STD III.

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Karate and I

(Harsha showing off his karate kick.)

I have been learning karate since 2012. My sir’s name is S.K. Sinha. I have finished 7 belts now.

I learn karate in my school. Earlier, when I was in Blue Belt I learnt a lot of kathas. Kathas   means if we want to fight with our enemies, we can use them.

After karate, I feel energetic. My sir is proud of me because I won the first prize in katha and 3rd in fighting when I attended competitions in Mysore.

In Kerala I won the 1st prize in Katha and Team Katha and 2nd in fighting.  A few days ago, I got the Brown 3 belt.

I am interested in Karate because I have a lot of friends there and even my sir teaches very well. He has taught me different types of punches, kicks, kathas and fighting skills. I also teach some small kathas to my friends. My Sir is very decent, he was in the army and now he has retired.

After I get my black belt, I would like to teach others karate because I would like to help others how my sir has helped me.

Written by Harsha, STD IV.

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Oh! Here comes our examination

No time for relaxation.

Kannada with its recitation,

Physics full of definition,

Chemistry contains equation,

Biology having classification.

Maths full of calculation,

History with its chronologisation,

Civics dealing with civilization.

I must study with concentration

To avoid frustration

And reach my destination!

Written by Shalini, STD VII. 

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My Time in My School

Friends are the most important and precious people in our lives. We have all the liberty to make friends. We can make friends anywhere in the world. We look for friends so that we don’t feel lonely in this world. When we are with our friends, if we don’t talk to each other, then having a friend itself is waste. So for that we talk with them and share our feelings. Then they also feel like sharing their feelings and they do it. Here is a true story about one girl having many friends and has one or the other problem.

I was studying in class 5. It was new to me since I changed my school from __________ school to The South School. The South School was my best school with best teachers, best helpers and best friends. I was the only girl in our class. So I felt shy to make friends with the boys, since the teachers in my other school taught me to be friends with the same gendered students.

One day, in the lunch break I saw a girl, really chubby and pink. Her name is Pragna and she studied in class 4. She sat with me that day. We introduced ourselves to each other and became friends. She started sharing her secrets with me. I found that all her secrets were about friendship and things that happen in her home. I also started sharing my secrets about my old school, happenings in home and friendship. Both of us had similar kinds of problems.

We trusted each other more than our parents. She started marking my words and started doing what I told her. I never wanted to rule her, so I just gave her tips about her behaviour. We exchanged opinions about each other and gave each other many challenges like not laughing, not talking and many other things. I love her the most. Each of us hopes to be with each other always.

You see all friends share each other’s feelings. Why?

One person has lots and lots of feelings and doesn’t know whom to share it with. At this moment is where we go to make friends and share it with them. They sometimes give us ideas about how to face the situation. This is what I learnt by being friends with Pragna. I have faced hard things which have become easier than before.

I hope you liked my life story in 5th standard. However there is another friend of mine who was very naughty. I will tell you next time.

Written by Shalini, STD VII.